(CD) YUKSTA-ILL / Neo Tokai On The Line <HIPHOP / RAP>

(CD) YUKSTA-ILL / Neo Tokai On The Line <HIPHOP / RAP>


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2/2発売!!!(webのお客様2日以降の発送になります!ご了承下さい) 最近ではTheBlueHerbに客演で話題をかっさらい、東海を中心にキメにキメたライブで全国でも猛威を振るってるYUKSTA-ILLの最新盤!!!!!!!!! 客演はsocksとcampanellaの2人だけという自信を感じるアルバム!! TRACK LIST : 1. NEW STEP (Prod by GINMEN) 2. KNOCKIN' QRAZY (Prod by Olive Oil) 3. STILL T (Prod by MASS-HOLE) 4. FCZ@MAG SKIT 5. HOOD BOND (Prod by GINMEN) 6. OVERNIGHT DREAMER (Prod by PENTAXX.B.F) 7. LET'S GET DIRTY feat. SOCKS (Prod by PUNPEE) 8. WEEK-DEAD-END (Prod by DJ SEIJI) 9. RIPJOB (Prod by Olive Oil) 10. GOTTA GO (Prod by OWL BEATS) 11. GIFT & CURSE (Prod by MASS-HOLE) 12. TO MY BRO (Prod by GINMEN) 13. LOOK AHEAD OF US feat. Campanella (Prod by SNKBUTNO) 14. NEO TOKAI ON THE LINE (Prod by RAMZA) 15. CLOSED DEAL (Prod by GINMEN)