(2LP / used) Doctor Rockit / Indoor Fireworks <house / electronica>
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(2LP / used) Doctor Rockit / Indoor Fireworks <house / electronica>


¥1,500 税込


名作"Café De Flore"を収録したHERBERT変名Doctor Rockitによる2000年作2LP!! 癒しと実験のサイケデリコアルバムです◎ (track list) A1 Welcome A2 Roman Candle A3 You Are The... (Vocals – Dani Siciliano) https://youtu.be/R_p3YFrKWWU A4 Metro (Drums – Ashley Marlowe) A5 Hymnformation (Vocals – The Swingtime Singers) B1 Café De Flore (Drums – Ashley Marlowe) https://youtu.be/C2MpUVIqKZM B2 Eau D'Erik C1 I Met Somebody Else https://youtu.be/3EQV5boy0fQ C2 Song With Words (Piano – Phil Parnell / Vocals – Dani Siciliano) C3 Bum Notes (Vocals – Dani Siciliano) C4 Cath's Machine D1 Summer Love (Vocals – Dani Siciliano) D2 Spare Brain D3 Spanish Neighbour D4 The Whistler D5 This Is The End Label : Lifelike Vinyl condition : used EX++