(TAPE) Cypress Hill / Cypress Hill <HIPHOP / RAP>
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(TAPE) Cypress Hill / Cypress Hill <HIPHOP / RAP>

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1991 US Ruffhouse Records used (ケース割れ無し) TAPE Album (Tracklist) A1 Pigs 2:46 A2 How I Could Just Kill A Man 4:04 A3 Hand On The Pump 4:02 A4 Hole In The Head 3:05 A5 Ultraviolet Dreams 0:37 A6 Light Another 3:21 A7 The Phuncky Feel One 3:28 A8 Break It Up 1:08 B1 Real Estate 3:51 B2 Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk 1:10 B3 Psycobetabuckdown 3:03 B4 Something For The Blunted 1:16 B5 Latin Lingo 3:58 B6 The Funky Cypress Hill Shit 4:01 B7 Tres Equis 1:55 B8 Born To Get Busy 1:48