(TAPE) LL Cool J ‎/ Walking With A Panther <HIPHOP/RAP>
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(TAPE) LL Cool J ‎/ Walking With A Panther <HIPHOP/RAP>


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1989 Def Jam Recordings used (Track list) A1 Droppin' Em A2 Smokin' Dopin' A3 Fast Peg A4 Clap Your Hands A5 Nitro A6 You're My Heart A7 I'm That Type Of Guy A8 Why Do You Think They Call It Dope? A9 Going Back To Cali A10 Crime Stories B1 It Gets No Rougher B2 Big Ole Butt B3 One Shot At Love B4 1-900 LL Cool J B5 Two Different Worlds B6 Jealous B7 Jingling Baby B8 Def Jam In The Motherland B9 Change Your Ways B10 Jack The Ripper