(LP / USED) Leonard Charles ‎/ Basement Donuts <HIPHOP / BreakBeats / synth>

(LP / USED) Leonard Charles ‎/ Basement Donuts <HIPHOP / BreakBeats / synth>


¥3,250 税込


J.DILLAの名作「Donuts」をシンセとブレイクビーツでカバーした2006年作!! いいアレンジとシンセが心地よいアルバムごと聴きたい一枚です◎ JPN Wonderfull noizeからのLimited 帯付きLP。 (track list) A1 Donuts (Outro) A2 Workinonit https://youtu.be/Ok-eNw-sVOI A3 Waves (Vocals – Anji Toy) A4 Light My Fire (Vocals – Ruby Walsh) https://youtu.be/qxG2HWfpzUw A5 The New A6 Stop (Vocals – Ruby Walsh) A7 People (Vocals – Anji Toy) https://youtu.be/Fq89GCTgUok A8 The Diff'rence (Vocals – Anji Toy) A9 Mash A10 Time: The Donut Of The Heart A11 Glazed A12 Airworks (Forever) - Ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow https://youtu.be/Vs299VkzgUY A13 Lightworks https://youtu.be/jhDoAmwXUqc A14 Stepson Of The Clapper A15 The Twister (Huh, What?) A16 One Eleven A17 Two Can Win A18 Don't Cry A19 Anti-American Graffiti A20 Geek Down A21 Thunder A22 Gobstopper A23 One for Ghost A24 Dilla Says Go (Vocals – Adi Dick, Ruby Walsh) A25 Walkinonit A26 The Factory A27 U-Love A28 Hi A29 Bye (Vocals – Ruby Walsh) A30 Last Donut Of The Night A31 Welcome To The Show USED / 新品同様 Mint.